Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Schola's Tour to Poland

The Schola's trip to Poland has so far been very enjoyable with lots crammed into the first three days.

Today we went to the Wieliczka Salt Mines and had the unusual experience of singing in a cathedral, carved entirely from salt, 130 meters underground:

Later in the day we traveled into Krakow and got our first views of this wonderful city.

The first two days of the tour were spent in the delightful town of Zakopane, set in the Tatras mountains. There we sang for Mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima and gave a concert at the Holy Cross Church. Here are some clips from the concert:

Poland being still deep in snow was not part of the plan but the boys don't seem to mind too much and so far everyone is well and singing strongly. The food has been quite wonderful.

Tomorrow most of the boys will go to Auschwitz, a trip that we have prepared very carefully for. The youngest boys are going to a science museum and a chocolate factory! Later in the day we will come back together to sing for Mass at the Arka Pana in Nova Huta, a church that played a very important role in the defeat of Communism in Poland.


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